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BZM DEV — support program for developers, designers and marketers. Better. Faster. Cheaper. 
For professional projects developers on Bazium:
For new projects created by freelancers and studios, we offer an additional year to the paid one.
1. 1 year = 2 years
Nifty website:
Pricing that saves your money:
First base
Online store:
Course master: $600
The most difficult issue for me is finding a new client. Acquaintance stage, commercial offer, comparison with competitors - it is a long process.

Support program 1=2 gives better conditions to start and on further website support.
Developers' reviews:
I use conditions for developers 1 = 2 this way: working with a client, I say "if we start before, for instance, October 10, then I give you 1 year of using Bazium for free.

Such a great call-to-action that doesn't cost me anything :)
I “divide” program payment into 2 parts: client pays for 1.5 of year, and gets 2. Half of the year I take for myself.

Why not? Client is happy, and I have a profit 🤟🏼
Are you going to create a large number of websites and stores? We are ready to provide annual unlimited access to Bazium for new projects on special terms.
We'll create a great offer for both small studios and large companies with thousands of clients
2. Unlimited annual access
During the year, you can create an unlimited number of projects on Bazium. Each project created is valid for a period of 1 year from its creation date.
Unlimited access is provided on the “First Base”  plan (usually price is 11,880 rubles / year per project)
The price is determined individually, based on your tasks and plans.
Get  unlimited access
3. PRO-chat for developers in Telegram
Community of professionals for opinion exchange and support.
Find partners, talk with like-minded people, get inspiration ❤️
Regularly updated database of 2GIS and Yandex.Maps
Website quality checklist
Sales scripts that aid you in finding new customers
For clients search and setting up advertising campaigns
Use for internal website quality control
Examples of cold sales to help you find clients when they are in short supply
4. Useful materials for developers
Join Bazium community
Great! Everything is sent🤘