Create a robust online store: manage your inventory, accept payments, benefit from user-friendly CRM, and automated email marketing

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Save time and effort by uploading and customizing product cards for any number of products in the database. Whether you have 10 or 10,000 products, it remains convenient.
Perfect product cards 
with flexible settings
Products are automatically organized into sections and collections, and you can also manually add them to specific pages on your website.
Create product lists manually or automatically 
Advanced description
made of various blocks
Craft detailed product descriptions with the block editor.
"You may also like" in 2 variations 
Customize related products for each product card
For online stores with a vast inventory of 50+ products, Bazium offers an extensive menu featuring categories and subcategories.
Extensive multilevel menu
Access a variety of payment aggregators and banks for seamless online payment acceptance. 

Enjoy over 50 payment methods available to you.

Accept payments
Sell digital products
Bazium lets you sell a variety of digital goods such as books, manuals, checklists, and more. 
With our platform, you can effortlessly combine the sale of digital and physical products on your website.
Organize your product information into a single module and add it to various sections and collections with a single click.
Add one product to several sections and different pages
Online stores made on Bazium are user-friendly and easy to manage
Advanced mobile optimization
10 components of successful website optimization for mobile
Mobile version for every block
Font size is set both for desktop and mobile
Set up blocks visibility: choose which blocks to show or hide based on specific display resolutions
Flexible block settings for 5 different display resolutions
Upload different types of mobile header logos
Different options for arranging elements: stack them or use a carousel
Block indents settings: adjust both for desktop and mobile
Background video block for mobile
Button variations for mobile
Product cards in online store are optimized for mobile devices
Encourage customers to buy more and more, use promotions for loyal clients (you can even make them secret - available only to the most loyal ones 🤫)
Promo codes, loyalty program and discounts in online store
Data is uploaded in CSV format and is suitable both for processing with Windows (cp-1251 encoding) and with macOS (UTF-8 encoding)
Export-Import in Excel
Export-import supports update of:
Product name
Short product name
Current price
Old price
Status: display or hide
Product located in several sections
Product main section
Product images
Product list images
Product list description
Product list for "You may also like"
Product card URL
Order of products in list
Product card page title
Product card page description
Benefits in product card
Heading and content of description tabs
Page ID for advanced description
Every product can have several variations: add different sizes, colours, whatever you want!
Each variant can have its own price.
Product variants
It is convenient and allows you to respond quickly to customer requests.

You can also use standard email notifications, which can be sent to multiple email addresses.
Get notifications about new orders in Telegram
Different shipping methods offer various payment options
Accept cash and card payments within your local region, and use online payments exclusively for deliveries to other cities and countries.
SEO: be №1 in search engines
Bazium is constantly developing its functionality to correspond with the latest requirements of search engines.
Robots.txt auto-generation:
— Prevented indexing of system pages
— Specified main page
— Specified website map link
Sitemap.xml auto-generation:
— All pages, products, lists, blog posts are specified
— Pages forbidden for indexing are automatically excluded
Edit robots.txt and page settings
You can set up robots.txt file, disable website indexing, disable indexing of any page
Edit Title and Description
We support 🤘 emoji in title and description.
No duplicates
— Unique address for every page, product, or category
— Redirection to the page without '/' if you write '/' at the end of the link
— Defined rel=canonical
Favicon + Apple touch icon
Upload your website icon , which will be displayed in browsers, search engines, and used on Apple iPhones
Images for social media and messengers
You can upload a single image for the whole website, or individual image for every page.
Upload it once, and we will make it look stunning in all social media and messengers in formats of image_src, twitter:image, og:image, image
Auto generation of Title and Description for products
For auto-generation, you can use the title, prices, section, SKU, description and unique text. Automatic generation of title and description for any products quantity
Free SSL certificate for success in search engines
The certificate is assigned in one click  and provides both security and better ranking from search engines.
Page marking with headings H1-H4
Control the importance of information by marking up headings
Blog micromarking
We accurately specify the type of information and attribute the authorship, aligning with the guidelines set by Google in its latest updates.
Open graph for organizations 
There is no need to use any additional services to submit your business data to search engines
Integration with Google Console
Just insert code - and that's it!
Perfect mobile optimization
All websites and online stores are mobile-friendly, which is important for search engine optimization.
Micro-marketing of products with
We transfer information according to standard: from name and price up to availability and description
Emoji support
Emojis appear in search engine results and attract more attention to website
Understandable page addresses
All addresses in project are editable: from pages to products and sections
Customize 404-page
All addresses in project are editable: from pages to products and sections
301 redirect
Set up redirects in Bazium interface using 301 redirects
Images optimization to proper size
We automatically optimize them on the server
Design System saves your time
Make the initial adjustments once, and then simply apply them to different elements - and you're all set!
Font style
Font sizes
Full list of online store features
We are constantly expanding and improving the functionality of the online store builder
Create a full-fledged online store
Shopping Cart
Video in product cards
One product in several sections
Selection of color, size, and other product attributes
Product reviews with links to product cards
Order via Shopping Cart and Quick Buy form
Pages with description of shipping, payment and return terms
Online store blog
Filters for searching products
Pricing and payment
Displaying of current and old price
Payments processing via VISA, Mastercard
Acceptance of e-money: WebMoney, Walletone, etc.
Reduced commission in Wallet One when accepting payments with promo code "Bazium"
Select payment methods according to shipping methods
Various delivery options (courier, mail, pickup, etc.)
Customizable order forms for each delivery method with the option to attach files.
Different shipping cost depending on order value
SEO settings for every product page
Product listings by brands
Creating search engine optimized pages with "related products" block
Discounts with unique promo codes
Passphrase Discounts
Discounts for certain order value
UTM tags and referrals in orders
5 variations of product card design
4 variants of product list design
Mobile optimization
Zoom on photo hover
Flexible customization of online store design without coding
Highlighting products in list
Like-a-landing-page product description 
Related products in "You may also like" block
"Featured products" block
Nifty details
New Order notifications via email and Telegram messenger
Checkout emails customization
Different ways of providing additional info about products
Company policy setup
Comments and reviews in product cards
Individual titles and images for product lists
Measured products
Sell not only in pieces, but also in kilograms, meters, packs
Adding to the cart is possible both in pieces and in any other measurement
Display price per kilogram, and sell even in 100 grams (similarly with any other measurements)
Manage inventory stock
Unlimited quantity of categories and subcategories
Prohibit or allow ordering more than is in stock
Auto-hide/display of out-of-stock products
Add to cart from product list
Access rights differentiation (editor, manager, administrator)
Ability to attach a file when ordering