On Bazium you can sell a wide range of digital goods such as books, manuals, checklists, and more. 
You can even sell both digital and physical products on your website.
Sell digital products on Bazium
Download links are emailed and stored in customer accounts
You can add an expiration date to download links for files up to 200 MB
Bazium does not charge commission for digital products selling
You pay according to your price plan: from $15 per month
+ 14 days trial
Simply upload your files, and everything will be taken care of automatically: payments will be received, and the files will be sent to the customers
Landing page + selling
Choose payment system
Bazium allows to create catalogs of digital products or individual landing pages for each of them. Files are sent automatically after payment
Connect online payment by cards and e-money through Stripe, Apple Pay, Google Pay and other services
How to set up digital products selling
  • Settings → Online store → General → Enable digital products selling

  • You can specify how many days customers are able to download the files.

    If you leave the field empty, download link will be active forever

  • Upload digital goods to product list in "Products" section.
  • In «Prices» select «Digital product» option.
  • Upload file (product). You can upload one or more files.
  • You can create different product variants, for example, with different licenses, or combine physical products with digital ones (print and electronic versions of the book).
Enable digital products selling
Upload files to product list
Set up digital delivery
  • Settings → Online store → Delivery and order form → Enable Digital delivery. Don't forget to add email field into the form. 

  • Leave delivery price filed empty, as digital is free.

  • If the order contains only digital products, then digital delivery will be applied automatically. If there are physical products together with digital ones, then delivery for physical goods will be applied, and links will be sent to the specified email.

Set up an email sent after making an order
  • Marketing → Email automation → Add email.

  • Letters are sent under certain conditions. Select the condition: «New order with links to digital products». Trigger settings → eCommerce → New order with links to digital products.

  • When creating a letter, enter the following text: %%digital-goods%%. There will be inserted links for downloading files and their description.

  • The letter will be sent after payment acceptance (when the order is transitioned to the “Paid” status).

That's it! Now your digital products can be bought through Cart and Quick Buy🔥🔥🔥
Sell digital products on Bazium and enjoy the process