Video widget block
on Bazium
Communicate with your clients in a new way
Boost engagement
Create tutorials
Stand out
Communicate with users. Introduce yourself or your staff, tell about your news or updates.
Make a video-instruction, demonstrate how to use your product. It is much more interesting to watch once than to re-read it 10 times.
Prove that you are the best in your field. Experiment!
It is important to adapt to the changing world and use ace in the hole on time.
How to use
Important info
How to set up
Video must be in MP4 format
Video size no more than 20 MB
You can compress video here:
And crop here:
1. Add video widget block (Widget01) from the "Pop-ups and Widgets" section
2. Upload your video
3. Add button and its link (it's not necessary)
4. Customise block design
Customize video widget
Set up video widget design to match your website colors
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