Connect your own website domain or use a free one provided by Bazium
Your own domain, free SSL certificate, option to specify up to 3 additional domains for each website
Free .art domain for all Bazium users.
Bazium + .art = ❤️
Do you draw, take pictures, or engage in any kind of craft? Or perhaps you've opened the best coffee shop in town? Whatever you do, you are the creator!
Choose a .ART domain for your website and showcase your creativity and art business.
  • Free domain is provided for all Bazium users (regardless of whether you paid for 1 month or for 1 year)

  • Choose here:

  • The promotion applies to standard domains (basically they cost $9.98)

  • After making your selection, reach out to Bazium support (at the bottom of the Dashboard). We´ll provide you with a promo code for a 100% discount.

  • .art domains work great on international market

Domain is a key digital asset that you develop
Why is connecting your own domain important?
  • Websites with domains such as .us, .com, .art, etc. are more likely to be discovered by search engines.

  • Potential customers are more confident about your company

  • You can create an email address using a domain, e.g.

Bazium domain features
  • Connecting your own domain

  • Option to specify up to 3 additional domains that redirect to the main one

  • Free SSL certificate for the main domain

  • Free built-in domain for a quick launch

  • Correct domain indication in robots.txt for correct website indexing by search engines

Fast and free launch
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